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What People Are Saying...

"Amy is the real deal...a true student and facilitator of the work. Her heart shines through all of wisdom she gives to the world on a daily basis. 


If you’re considering working with her it’s a no brainer, do it now! She will guide you back to your heart and back to a place of peace while keeping you accountable and grounded"

Preston Smiles


"I’ve just finished my 4 week immersion course that took us on a deep dive into our brain types and the relationship it has with intimacy, relationships, trauma, physical and emotional response and I can tell you with conviction that this course has changed the way I approach all the relationships in my life in a powerful way.

I no longer need to fall back into my old patterns of self sabotage as I have so many new tools in my toolbox!

Although it was recently completed I have already seen break throughs and enhancement in my closest relationships!

I was completely engaged the whole time as Amy has an impressive skill in communication and is a passionate teacher which makes learning from her a breeze.

Working with Amy has helped me discover, plan and execute a dream life for myself and my family, it’s truly the greatest investment Ive ever made, its paid back in abundance.
Thank you wholeheartedly "

Sarah Moloney

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"I met Amy through a weekend course and subsequent 90 day program where she was a coach.  Through that, she was very encouraging, insightful and patient.  6 months later, I found myself faced with some difficult situations and challenges, and a renewed effort to change my existing patterns and mindset, I contacted Amy for 1 on 1 coaching and I’m glad I dad.  

I’m several months in to a 6 month 1 on 1 coaching and I couldn’t be happier.  She has been supportive, encouraging, insightful, patient and helpful to rethink how I was doing things in life and find newer and better ways to deal with challenges at work, home and personally.  I recommend Amy for anyone wanting help to shift old patterns and find more with life and within themselves."

Chad Aitken

Chad Aitken_edited.jpg

"I cant begin to describe the impact Amy has made in my life especially in the short time I have known her. She came like a wind and picked me up off my feet during a pivotal time in my life. 

On a professional level as a mentor I have learnt so many deep insights about myself, about how I show up in my life and in others lives, establishing strong values and standards, and creating a whole new commitment to my self, my life, my relationships, my career and my future mission."

Matilda Carroll

Matilda Carroll.jpeg

“Working with Amy Louise Cash in her program, Your Greatest Love has been inspiringly life changing and I highly recommend it for anyone finally ready to lean into finding the truest versions of themselves. I believe that’s what I gained the most from Amy’s course, a genuine and authentic look inside of my own soul. I have been able to shift major limiting beliefs around connection with the masculine, self worth and self confidence and have stepped into a new path of true self love.

For someone already in relationship what this course helped me to do most is to communicate what’s on my heart and with that my partner and I have moved into a more authentic love space rather than drifting through life we are now more connected, and choosing each other everyday and to step outside our comfort zones. Thank you beautiful Amy!”

Lasina Payne 


"I signed up to do Amy’s course Your Greatest Love, originally as I noticed that I had some ineffective beliefs around men and being in relationship with them. What I came to realise was that I needed this group program more for myself than anything else. It helped me to fall even deeper in love with myself, which in return gave me the space to get really clear on what I am wanting in my life and to get even clearer on my standards. 


Amy gave me the tools to really dig a lot deeper through self inquiry, curiosity and questioning myself and the way I do things.


I am so grateful of Amy and the work she does in this world."

Serena Kay Petra


"When I first met Amy I was letting my insecurities run my life, I had no idea what it was like to love who I was & thought very little of myself which was leading me down a dark path. I attended one of Amy's self love workshops where Amy told us that she offered one on one coaching, I asked her about it & then decided it wasn't for me as I didn't believe I was worth investing money in. When Amy said she had been through a lot of what I explained to her, after much deliberation I said OK. Over the past 10 months I have been able to determine the roots of my insecurities, learn how to set healthy boundaries in relationships, what my core values are and I now know what it is like to love my self & feel worthy of loving myself."

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke.jpeg

"Amy authentically loves you to her core, she holds space for every possibility for your life and does not let you off the hook until you believe in yourself, love yourself and you learn to follow your own heart. Every woman Amy supports shines brighter, lives fuller and truly learns to claim her worth."

Erica Vargas

Erica Vargas.jpeg

"The most intuitive, supportive and genuine woman I’m so happy to be coached by.  Amy always knows the right words to speak, the stories to share that I will relate to and understands where I need support to grow. Amy pushes me out of my comfort zone, encourages and supports me try new ways of approaching conversations. She makes me stand in my worth, honour my values and for me to accept nothing less than and empowers me every time. Amy is a big bright star who loves with all her being and is a beautiful example for us so we know how to show up in the world."

Georgie Webster


"Working with Amy was one of the best choices I've made, the timing was Divine and the experience really changed me. Amy is the most real and dedicated coach I could imagine ever being.


Constantly, every single day, in the work herself and showing up fully for herself and her clients. Her presence when being with us was something I truly looked forward to and I didn't want Soul Somatic to end! 12 months later I still follow Amy closely and will definitely do another of her courses. She is pure magic and lit a fire within me. I'm so grateful for her and her heart"

Annabel Teate


"Hi I’m Jason. At the end of last year of I was not happy. My partner of 6 years had left me and I was thinking to myself what’s the point of all this. I had a very low self esteem and was in quite a bad headspace.


Amy suggested I try her 6 week discover your worth course and I’m so glad I did. She is an amazing life coach and helped me in so many areas of my life. Each week we talked about different topics and had live video calls with great coaches who were very helpful and were happy to answer lots of the group’s questions. The group I was in were all very supportive and understanding of each other


This course helped me in so many areas of my life, like with relationships, values, fears and so many other areas.  I am now very happy with who I am and enjoy being me. I am now dating women and soon to buy a new house. It is a great course and would recommend it to everyone.

Thank you Amy."

Jason Kickbusch

Jason K.jpeg
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