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My name is Amy Louise Cash!

First things first - I am committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and am currently and will continue to educate myself in these ways.

I help women ALL over the world, find their voice, embody their truth and step into the most intentional version of themselves so that the world can experience the unique medicine that they are. 

I am firstly a human being having a human experience just like you and if I have to go by a label- I am a Speaker, Medicine Woman, Transformational Relationship Coach, Breathwork Healer, Cacao Ceremony Facilitator and the host/founder of the Podcast Wake Up Sisterhood. 

The work I do with women is nothing I haven't moved through myself, keeping me in a place of pure integrity. I work with the woman who is at any stage in her life that is lacking the tools and resources to be in relationship with life powerfully. 

As an expert in these areas - Helping women attract and amplify healthy sustainable relationships, helping women/aspiring coaches to build powerful empires and make an abundance of money online, helping all women heal through their traumas and learn to regulate their nervous systems so they can truly step into a place of Self Leadership in their life. 

Not just your everyday coach, I have a very deep and intimate relationship with nature and my coaching style is guided by the 7 directions, the elements of the earth and intuitively through the direction of Great Spirit. 


I work with women in 13+ countries and each women walks away with a deeper knowledge and understanding of herself, the confidence to use her voice powerfully in any relationship, the power to show up unapologetically and embody the absolute truth within.

I guide you in coming back home to yourself, unlearning all you think you know and becoming the space for the wisdom that already is within you. 

How this works is through working 1 on 1 with me or taking part in one of my online programs, or even attending one of my world-class workshops or retreats.

My passion lies in supporting and inspiring women to truly OWN THEIR TRUTH and REMEMBER THEIR WORTH, and nothing lights me up more than seeing you return home!



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Through being so committed to this work, I went from a very successful hairdresser to a six-figure well-known leader in the personal development space, I moved countries, built the emotional body to attract and hold the life I once dreamt of.


My awakening journey began at the age of 31 years. 

Prior to this time, I was a girl who was very insecure, I cared terribly about what others thought of me and the decisions I made, I thought men only wanted me for one thing and that I was only ever good enough for one thing with men (sex). I basically was riddled with stories and beliefs about myself based on a sexual trauma I had experienced at the age of 16 years old and had created a self-made prison for myself.


The anxiety I experienced on a daily basis, had me crippled at times, not to mention the hospital visits for unknown problems occurring in my body and I had come to a point where I knew that something needed to change.


Over the last decade, my life has shifted in many beautiful major ways. I say I finally woke up from my sleepwalking ways.


It all began when I first invested in myself with a workshop and from there realised how vital it was for me to continue working with a coach, someone to support me, call me forward, hold me high, show me what I couldn't see myself. And to the day I die, this is my biggest commitment.

To this day, I continue to work with and dive deep with my own coaches and mentors and I truly believe the saying - A GREAT COACH MUST ALWAYS HAVE A GREAT COACH.

The work I do with my clients ranges from Somatic Experiencing, NLP, Breathwork, Embodied Leadership, Trauma Release Therapy, Inner Child Healing, Parts Works, IFS, Cacao Ceremonies and many more. 

A big part of my life path has also and continues to include sitting/spending time with native tribes, learning from the master teachers and plants in order to continue my healing journey and to be of service to all humans and all beings on this earth. 


I believe that YOU are medicine for this world and for our beautiful Earth and more then ever NOW we are all being called forward to step more into our truth and our vulnerability and our power to be part of the solution of healing in this world. 

By remaining stagnant, you are robbing the world of the medicine that is YOU. 


I am extremely passionate about supporting women into their fullest expression, remembering the power within to own and use their voice and to step into their fullness and show up unapologetically. 

If you are a woman truly ready to Unravel, meet your untapped potential, strip away everything that is not your truth and truly create lasting freedom internally in ALL areas of life, to unleash the powerful QUEEN that is laying dormant within you, APPLY to work with me and lets see if you are a fit.  There is nothing I love more then seeing you EMBODIED in your ALL-NESS!

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