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Transformational Relationship Coach & Women's Business Mentor

"I first started working with Amy in February for an 8 week program. Within this space I learnt so much about myself and my toxic traits and how to let go of my toxic relationship at the time. Amy is a beautiful caring kind and amazing coach who holds space for each and every woman who crosses her path. I have since started another mentorship working with Amy and have learnt so much more about myself, my vision and the new life I am creating with the guidance of Amy. I highly recommend working with Amy in moving your life forward and in a beautiful way."

-Natalie Cooper



Its evident that women all over the world are being called to rise up into their truth, their power and their feminine essence….


I am a woman on a mission to help YOU transform and RISE! 


I work with woman specifically, creating a sacred container to guide you through a process of rebirthing yourself. 


As a womens transformational coach, specifying in the area of relationships- with man, woman and most importantly SELF. 


Offering you support through my 1 and 2 day intensive workshops, one on one coaching/mentorship programs and my online workshops.


I believe that relationships are the foundation for success in EVERY area of our life and when we dive deep here, this work then touches every other area. 


Thank you for stopping by and I can’t wait to connect with you.



Calling in your King




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Wake Up Sisterhood

the podcast

Welcome to the Wake Up Sisterhood Podcast, a powerful platform where awakened men and women from all over the world come together to have real, raw conversations about all things human.


Join Thought Leader, Transformational Coach and Impactful Entrepreneur Amy Louise Cash as she shares the inside secrets and tools you need to know on how to break free from fear, connect deeply to your inner truth and wisdom, amplify and attract powerful healthy relationships and align deeply with your soul purpose and mission so you can create a life you can’t get enough of within business, relationships and life in general! Bridging the gap from Ancient Wisdom to modern day living through each individual episode!!! You will walk away with the INSPIRATION and COURAGE to take RADICAL ACTION towards the life you desire!!!

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